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Adding Skylights And Ceiling Fans To Your Screened Porch in Charlotte

The reason you built a screened porch was because you wanted to enjoy the Charlotte area’s great outdoors. But, sometimes it seems you just aren’t getting the sun or the breeze you expected. It could be that the back of your house just happens to face an area that doesn’t get a lot of sun or a lot of wind. That’s okay, though, because there are solutions to the dark, breezeless porch.

Install Skylights

Installing skylights on an existing screened porch is a great way to increase light. You should contact an expert contractor like Ebony Outdoor Living, though, because it is not a project to attempt yourself as a “DIY.” A large section of shingles and roofing has to be removed first to create the opening. Then flashing has to be properly secured to prevent leaking before the skylight is installed. There is a lot of potential for error in the process if done by amateurs. Once it is done, a professionally-installed skylight will bring free, natural light down onto your porch. Sometimes, a single skylight will be enough to transform the area. Other times, you may want to have a couple placed on the side that gets more direct light or place them on either side to give a more even appearance.

Ceiling Fans on a Screened Porch

North Carolina’s summer can get pretty brutal at times. If there isn’t enough natural breeze flowing through the porch, one can almost be tempted to give up and head back inside. But, you don’t want to miss out on the summer sun just because of that. Instead, consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan on your porch to get the air moving. This will make a big difference on those hot, sweltering days. This installation is routine for the team at Ebony Outdoor Living. We can match your style and color scheme to the perfect fan for you. A ceiling fan can be installed very quickly and be hooked into the electrical system for your home. Handling live electrical wires can be dangerous, though, so this is another job best left to the professionals.

Ebony Outdoor Living Can Help

Skylights and ceiling fans are just a couple of the many customizations we do on people’s decks, patios, and porches. Any problem you may be having with your outdoor space likely has a simple solution, and we’ve done it a thousand times. If you live in the Charlotte area, Ebony Outdoor Living is just a phone call away. We can install skylights or ceiling fans to add more sun and breeze to your screened porch, but we also can do so much more. Give us a call today at (704) 776-1822.


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