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Patios & Hardscapes in Charlotte NC

Ebony Outdoor Living has tremendous experience and expertise in designing and building Charlotte’s best patios and hardscape.

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Reinventing Your Charlotte Backyard

Custom patio and hardscape designs create a unique style for any home, whether at the front of the home or its backyard. As the popularity of home design continues to spread throughout television and other media, demand for unique feature pieces has grown incredibly.

Patios Expertly Installed in Charlotte NC

A patio is used to describe any outdoor living space often adjoining a residence, used for dining, entertaining or relaxation.


Patios may or may not have covers or roofs and are usually paved areas between the house and garden.


They can be made of concrete, brick, stone, flagstone, gravel, pavers. A patio can be attached to a house or freestanding.

A patio can run the length or width of a house and even curve around corners and echo the contours of a house. Depending on the use of the outdoor space, you can have one large patio area or smaller ones.

The location will have a major influence on the shape of a patio. Other factors include the architectural style of your house, the size of your lot, budget, and what the outdoor space will be used for.


Charlotte's Leading Hardscape Contractors

Hardscapes can include almost any type of decorative or practical structure in a landscape, from driveways to fences to benches. Hardscape is a critical part of landscape design, providing definition and a sense of organization to the natural areas and features.

"Hardscape" refers to all of the non-living elements in landscaping, such as a brick patio, a stone wall, or a wooden arbor.

Vertical walls can be built for seating, to enclose an area, to mark an entrance to an area or even for decorative purposes.

Hardscape walls around the perimeter of an area can serve as a railing while accomplishing the secondary benefit of serving as a seating wall. This is especially useful around a custom fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Hardscape pillars are popular to accentuate an entrance to your outdoor area.


The pillars can be topped with built-in lighting or can be left flat to switch out your adornment based on the time of year.


Add a decorative topiary in the spring, a rustic piece of pottery in the fall, and a miniature tree during the holiday season.


While working with Ebony Outdoor Living, serving the Greater Charlotte NC area, we hope that your dream outdoor living area becomes a reality. Our team of professionals is creative, experienced, and flexible enough to meet the demands of any homeowner’s vision. No matter the size of the backyard, our patio design will give it a touch of luxury and feeling of comfort.

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