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Dreaming Of An Outdoor Kitchen With Fireplace?

Ambiance is an important part of any dining experience. Our surrounding sights, sounds, and smells combine to enhance our consumption of food. Building an outdoor kitchen with fireplace can create the perfect place to cook and enjoy any meal.

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

Your indoor kitchen is the heart and social hub of your family. It’s the part of your home where you begin your day, cook, and simply hang out. Today, many homeowners are taking this special place outside by combining the heart of the home with nature. Moreovbn er, you can create the perfect focal point for your outdoor space by including a fireplace. Below, we list the benefits of designing an outdoor kitchen with fireplace.

1. Unmatched Ambiance

There’s something incredibly comforting about sitting around a fire. Perhaps, it’s because a fire touches so many senses. You see the dancing flames, hear the crackle of burning wood, and smell the aroma of burning wood. Ultimately, a wood burning fireplace creates the ideal ambiance.

Moreover, with an outdoor kitchen nearby, you won’t miss a single minute with your guests. You can cook dinner while your guests gather around the fire.

2. Added Warmth On Cool Nights

Often, cool autumn and early spring nights are too cold to enjoy the outdoors. However, you can extend your time outside by including a fireplace in your outdoor kitchen.

3. Beautiful Appearance and Aesthetics

Why create just an outdoor kitchen when you can have an outdoor living experience? An outdoor kitchen gives you the space and appliances you need to create a memorable meal. While an outdoor fireplace makes a stunning focal point. Thus, combining an outdoor fireplace with a kitchen provides the ultimate entertaining space.

4. Entertainment Space

With its natural lighting and warm glow, a fire is soothing and relaxing. Including a wood burning fireplace in your outdoor kitchen makes the perfect spot for guests to gather. Provide seating, and you have the ultimate entertainment area.

5. Additional Cooking Space

Although your grill may be your main cooking appliance, you can also cook in a wood burning fireplace. Your food will have a smoky flavor that you can’t achieve over a gas grill.

6. Add Value To Your Home

Many home buyers are looking for beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. Among the top sought-after amenities are outdoor kitchens.

FAQs About Outdoor Kitchen With Fireplace

We want to help you create an outdoor space you love. Moreover, you can schedule a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your plans by calling 704-776-1822. For now, we’ve answered a few general questions about outdoor kitchens.

How Long Do Outdoor Kitchens Last?

Generally, you can expect your outdoor kitchen to last 10 years or more. However, its longevity depends on the quality of the materials and the workmanship.

Usually, some materials, like stainless steel, can withstand the elements better than others. Then too, a professional has the experience and knowledge to install your components correctly. For example, neglecting your drainage needs can result in ruined appliances.

Plus, you must be diligent in performing routine maintenance. You’ll need to wipe down surfaces, clean your grill, and cover your appliances during the off-season.

Do Prefabricated Components Offer Any Advantages?

Many big box stores and some online stores sell pre-made outdoor kitchen modules. Purchasing prefabricated units may appear to save you a lot of money.

However, you will be sacrificing customization. Although some manufacturers advertise customization, the truth is, most offer little variance in the dimensions and materials of their units.

Quality is another aspect you’ll be compromising. Typically, manufacturers of prefab modules use lower quality materials than a landscape contractor.

Should I Consider A Fire-pit Instead?

While an outdoor fireplace is great for some homeowners, others may want a fire-pit instead. Typically, fire-pits are more budget-friendly. Moreover, a professional landscaper can design one in almost any shape or size.

Ready to begin construction on your beautiful, new outdoor kitchen? Call Ebony Outdoor Living located in Charlotte NC at 704-776-1822 today to book your free no-obligation consultation!


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