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10 Ways To Enjoy Your Deck This Spring

For lovers of the outdoors, every season is a great season to hang out on the deck. Sure, maybe some days you’ll have to bundle up and others you’ll have to brush leaves or rain off the seats, but that’s no problem. In the spring, though, even those who avoid the extremes of other seasons will begin spending more time on their decks, porches, and patios.

Here are ten ways for you to enjoy yours this spring:


Grilling out is as old a tradition as history. When you smell the scent of cooking meat wafting through the neighborhood, you know the warmer weather has arrived. Having a grill set-up on your deck is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space as you’re getting dinner ready.

Enjoying a drink

For some, it’s a glass of wine at the end of a long day. For others, they may prefer an ice cold beer or just a glass of ice tea or lemonade. Regardless, there is something about sipping a cool drink in the warm sun. Your deck is the perfect place to do that this spring.

Pet sanctuary

Your deck doesn’t have to be your favorite place, but it is great for your best friend to hang out on, too. Putting pet dishes on the deck keeps them out of the way and prevents indoor messes. A doggy door can make coming and going easy.

Just sitting and thinking

If you have some big issues to work out, spending time outdoors is often the best way to work them out. Maybe you need to brainstorm a solution for something at work or are having a family crisis you need to ponder.

Visiting with friends and neighbors

On a nice evening, a deck can become the social gathering place for your neighborhood. Rather than invite them inside, you can welcome them while keeping some privacy.


Putting your feet up and reading a good novel outdoors can’t be beat. If you’re more of a magazine or newspaper reader, you can thumb through one of those, too.


More and more, people can work from home as jobs can be done remotely online. You may have an indoor office, or just work at your kitchen table, but why not mix it up by working outside on the deck sometimes?

Playing with kids and grandkids

Inside a house, there are lots of things that can go wrong. It’s also louder. With a deck, you can go outside and play a game and be as loud as you want.

Eating meals

Sometimes a picnic is just as close as your backdoor. On a clear day, bring the dishes to the deck and enjoy. If you drop something, maybe your dog can even clean it up before you have to.

Watching nature

It may go without saying, but the best thing about the outdoors is the natural beauty around you. Watching a sunset, catching a glimpse of the first lightning bug, or keeping an eye on a storm moving in can all help you enjoy your time on your porch.

So, those are ten ways you can enjoy your deck this spring. What are some of your favorites ways? Come see us in the Charlotte area or contact us at 704-776-1822.


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