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Enjoy a Staycation with a Sunroom or Covered Patio

In today’s day and age, we are always on the go. Between balancing extra-curricular activities, community involvement, daily household chores, and more, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Sometimes we wish we could slow down for a while, take a deep breath, and enjoy some uninterrupted family time. A staycation is a perfect solution for a break from a busy schedule.

What is a Staycation

A staycation is exactly what it sounds like – staying home to enjoy a vacation of leisure time. Doesn’t sound like a vacation to you? It’s all about a change in mindset. Staycations are all about focusing on time spent with family, or with yourself, and embracing your home and your hometown. With everyone’s busy schedules, there must be things you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t gotten around to. And this doesn’t mean chores. Maybe you want to try a new hobby, go to that museum you haven’t been to in years, or just need a day catching up on your favorite shows. Staycations allow you to do all this and more. They’re about resetting and enjoying time spent intentionally.

Benefits of a Staycation

Staycations are great for so many reasons.

  1. Staycations are easy on your wallet. Traveling can be expensive, between gas, plane tickets, hotels, dining out, and more, vacations come with a hefty price tag. Staycations allow you to relax and unwind while saving money.

  2. Vacationing at home or in your hometown is a safer option during the pandemic and cold and flu season. Traveling can expose you to unwanted germs that can be avoided with an at-home vacation.

  3. It’s your staycation, so you can make the rules! Want your staycation to last all week? Just have time for a weekend staycation? Your staycation can be as long or as short as you want.

How to Have a Staycation

Want to make sure your staycation is successful? Here are some staycation tips to ensure you have a relaxing, restful staycation.

Don’t work

It can be easy to answer a quick email or make a short work call on your day off. But before you know it, you’re doing a full day’s work! With many of us working from home, creating separation between home and work can be hard. For a work-free staycation, be sure to turn off email notifications and silence any work calls. Store away any work-related items, close the door to your home office, and don’t work on a staycation!

Forget chores

While you’re spending time at home on your staycation, you’ll probably start looking around at all the chores and home projects you need to get done. But staycations are not the time for chores. Complete all the chores and projects you can before your at-home vacation so you can enjoy a clean house without thinking about all its impending work. Anything you can’t get to, save for another time.

Make plans

Just like any vacation, your staycation needs an itinerary. You don’t need to stress yourself out with a minute-by-minute plan, but have some ideas of things you would like to do each day. That way, you won’t sit around trying to think of something to do, or worse, get bored and start doing chores or work.

What to Do on a Staycation

Staycation activity possibilities are endless! Of course, we think a staycation is best spent in a sunroom, screened-in porch, or covered patio. There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors from the comfort of your enclosure. So here are 10 staycation activities that you can do in a sunroom or on a patio:

  1. Play games – Break out those board games or that deck of cards and enjoy a family game night. Don’t have any board games? Try charades!

  2. Watch movies – Switch up movie night by watching your favorite flick in your sunroom, screened-in porch, or patio. You can use a laptop to stream your movie, or you can even get an inexpensive projector and project it on a sheet. Don’t forget the popcorn!

  3. Enjoy an indulgent dinner – Now’s the time to test that recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Treat yourself to the “good stuff” at the grocery store and cook a fancy dinner. In a sunroom or screened porch, you can dine outdoors without the nuisance of bugs.

  4. Take a nap – Who says a staycation has to be activity filled? Why not take an afternoon nap to de-stress and rejuvenate? A sunroom can be the perfect napping spot with plenty of fresh air and no bugs!

  5. Order takeout – Ordering takeout can be luxurious – cooking can be a lot of work! And, if you order from a local restaurant, you’re supporting small businesses and your local economy.

  6. Read a vacation book – Set the vacation scene and read a book set in a far-off land. Or read that book everyone’s talking about.

  7. Have a picnic – Spread a blanket on the floor of your sunroom and have a picnic with a view, minus the bugs.

  8. Do a craft – A staycation means you’ll have time to try a new craft or hobby. A sunroom or porch is the perfect crafting space – fresh air and bright light will inspire you!

  9. Partake in a relaxing yoga flow or meditation – A sunroom or screened-in porch is the perfect relaxing setting for yoga or mediation. Alone or with a partner, yoga is a great start to any staycation morning.

  10. Have a spa day – Put on a robe, turn on some spa music, apply a facemask, and unwind to the sounds of nature on your porch.

A Sunroom from Ebony Outdoor Living is the Perfect Destination for a Staycation

Make every day feel like a staycation with an Ebony Outdoor Living sunroom, screened-in porch, or covered patio. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our photo gallery for ideas on how to turn your backyard into an oasis. Have questions? Contact us today for more information. Or schedule your free, in-home estimate. One of our trained Charlotte design consultants will assess your space and listen to your ideas to develop a personalized plan for your dream sunroom.


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